Founded in 1985 in Lausanne, Climage has been the birthplace to more than fifty films. In its early days, Climage was a laboratory for exploring new formats and narrative forms. Alex Mayenfisch, Yves Kropf and Philippe Lambelet (and a little later Antoine Jaccoud), the founding members, were inspired by the rise of private television channels in the USA and the birth of video art, thus giving Climage a rebellious, dissident and innovative identity. The first creations of the collective were short fictions, sketches or video art experiments. It is only at the beginning of the 90s that the members of Climage decide to take the documentary way to “tell the stories of Switzerland”.

Exploring different forms, from experimental videos to feature documentaries, from very short to very long format, these films have in common that they are made by authors with a strong social and historical conscience. Originally a collective of independent filmmakers, Climage is now a production company in its own right, open to all forms of exploration, language and documentary format.

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