From the kitchen to the parliament 2021 Edition, 2021, 90', A journey through a century of Swiss history, tracing the footsteps of those who fought to get out of their kitchens – and of those who tried everything to send them back in – until they obtained equality of rights, the reality of which sometimes still seems very fragile.

Islander, 2018, 92', In 1877 a Swiss aristocrat became the king of the island of Robinson Crusoe in the Pacific Ocean. Nowadays his descendants dream to become an autonomous territory.

About heaven, 2015, 85', What is left of Heaven, which once promised eternal happiness?

From the Kitchen to the Parliament, 2012, 66', A short history of Swiss women in politics during the 20th century.

Labour Court, 2010, 85' and 52', An immersion into the heart of a judicial court that handles disputes between employers and employees.

The Twilight of the Celts, 2008, 53', The discovery of a huge sanctuary in Switzerland allows the archeologists to start an investigation about the religion of the Celts.

Qué viva Mauricio Demierre, 2006, 70', The Swiss cooperant Maurice Demierre was killed in Nicaragua in 1986, during the sandinista revolution.

In the Land of the Black Pharaohs, 2005, 52', Charles Bonnet is one of Europe’s leading archeologists. Geneva-born Bonnet, originally a wine grower, has been combing through the sands of northern Sudan for 40 years.

The Poison, 2003, 54', A mysterious crime committed in a small community in 1949 has plagued an entire country for decades.

Lost Countryside, 1997, 54', The chronicle of the construction of a community cow-shed in a small Swiss village.

This boy's name was Apache, 1995, 53', In Arizona, an Indian community resists an attempt to build an astronomy observatory on their holy mountain.

West of the Pecos, 1993, 72', The chronicle of an attempt at establishing a Swiss colony in New Mexico at the end of the 19th century.


THE LEPERS 8′, 2020. Short film part of the “Collection Lockdown by Swiss filmmakers”.

CITOYEN NOBEL 90′, 2020, Portrait of Jacques Dubochet, who’s life changes when he receives the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2017. Production Dreampixies.

The secret 12′, 2007. Portrait of a mysterious healer.

Ateliers du Nord 12’, 2005. Portrait of a famous designer team in Lausanne.

Architectour de Suisse 5 x 15′, 2001. Portraits of 5 prominent Swiss architects.

Gold on the Reservation 15’,1996. FG Production. A casino built by the Apaches in the Arizona desert shatters the tribe’s delicate balance.

Jean-Marc 4′, 1993. Portrait of a Swiss farmer in Canada.

The Republic of Utopia 8 x 2′, 1990. Portraits of 8 American towns founded by Swiss emigrants.


L’importance du temps passé; oublier 2′,1990. Adaptation of a poem by Gustave Roud.

Loin du coeur (Random) 3’,1989. First impressions on my emigrating to the United States.

Camera, Man! 6′, 1989. Portrait of the video activist Paul Garrin.


Ailes de jour, belles de nuit 26’2013. Production RTS “Passe moi les jumelles”.

La forge de l’alchimiste 26′, 2011Production RTS “Passe moi les jumelles”.

Bon baisers de Moscou 48′, 2004. Production RTS “Temps Présent”.

Voyage au noir 52′, 2003. Production RTS “Temps Présent”.

Au secours, l’insécurité revient! 50′, 2002. Production RTS “Temps Présent”.

Le pari africain 18′, 2000. Production RTS “Viva”

La dernière bataille du cheval suisse 52′, 1999. Production CAB/RTS “Temps Présent”

Photo de classe 26′, 1993. With Climage. Production TSR “Bermuda”

Les chroniques cathodiques 52′, 1990. With Fernand Melgar. Production TSR


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