The shelter

Fernand Melgar
(2014) 101
A winter spent in the heart of an emergency shelter where every night watchmen have the difficult task of “sorting the poor” due to lack of space.

The world is like that

Fernand Melgar
(2013) 52'
The destiny of five of the protagonists in the film "Special Flight" after being deported from Switzerland

Special flight

Fernand Melgar
(2011) 100'
A 9 months immersion in the administrative detention centre of Geneva, one of the 28 deportation centres for the paperless in Switzerland.

The Fortress

Fernand Melgar
(2008) 100'
For the first time a camera enters inside a Center for asylum seekers in Switzerland.

EXIT – the right to die

Fernand Melgar
(2005) 75' and 54'
Switzerland is the only country where associations quite legally provide suicide assistance to people at the end of their lives.

La vallée de la jeunesse

Fernand Melgar
(2005) 26'
On the work of the choreographer Philippe Saire. Coproduction: TSR - Cie Philippe Saire.

Storm in a C-Cup

Fernand Melgar
(2002) 52'
Pascal is 35 years old and has chosen to dress as a woman, in public! A demolition worker by day, he dreams of doing cabaret and rehearses his future drag show in the evenings under his wife's direction.

Induction Class

Fernand Melgar
(1998) 55'
The integration of recently immigrated children.

Family Album

Fernand Melgar
(1993) 54'
This film tells the story of the emigration of a Spanish family that came to Switzerland in the hope of building new lives for themselves.

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