«A remarkable documentary that surprises and makes a stand by it’s anti sensationalist approach. Without commentary, without taking sides, without forcing a view, it is capable of raising questions, quietly, meticulously, and to create a handful interwind portraits.»


«This heartwarming film is a new piece to use against indifference. Fernand Melgar is one of the rare directors of the Swiss french part to explore social justice in it’s documentaries.»

Le Temps

«Induction Class it’s a first-class documentary that manages, without being pitiful, to give a voice to immigrant children and touch us at heart.»

Comédie, comédie, La Première/Radio Suisse Romande

«This upright documentary easily captures the views, the inhibitions and the rare playful moments where these very serious boys and girls become normal kids.»


«Far from making a tribute to the virtues of the Swiss integration system, Fernand Melgar draws a poignant andupright portrait of these uprooted youth.»


«Between two postcard views of a perfect Switzerland, this touching documentary follows a small class, different from all others, where Bosnians and Portuguese learn to make a place of their own in the society.»

Le Nouvel Observateur

«Through six portraits, Fernand Melgar shows the hard reality of these youth, lost in a past as dark as their future.»

La Liberté

«Living in fear of a future expulsion, the students from the induction class ideally create a paradox country facing an unheard of identity crisis.»


«Induction Class is a moving film by it’s ability to listen and it’s objective view that does not leave anyone indifferent. The filmmaker shows us the precariousness, at times emotional and material, of these immigrants in suspend but does it sharing the enthusiasm and the moral strength of these children.»

Carré d’Art/Radio Suisse Romande

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