Directed by : Alex Mayenfisch

Genre : Documentary

Duration : 83′

Year : 2015

Original version : French

Subtitles : –

A pressing need

Nature speaks, human beings don’t listen

The 1960s. A tremendous economic expansion gave a large part of the population access to a standard of living that had previously been inconceivable. There was no doubt about it: consumer society augured well for the future.

However, the first harmful consequences of this new way of life for the natural environment are now appearing. The term ‘nuisance’ is used loosely.

As the source of life, water is also the source of environmental awareness. Its pollution is shockingly visible to the naked eye. Air pollution, the disposal of household waste, noise, road traffic and the controversy surrounding nuclear power gradually contributed to the emergence of an ecological conscience, which was only reinforced by major industrial disasters. It was no longer possible to turn a blind eye to the fact that environmental damage was directly detrimental to human beings. This is the “civilisation of waste”.

This documentary traces the development of this awareness through archive footage and the testimony of far-sighted pioneers. This is not ancient history. It is the beginning of the story we are living through today. With the simple observation that the diagnosis had already been made fifty years ago.

By recalling a recent past – which some will learn about and others will rediscover – this film offers a critical look at the present and sketches out a vision for the future.



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