1985 à 1988

Primeurs  20min.
Series of sketches
Antoine Jaccoud – Yves Kropf – Alex Mayenfisch – Fernand Melgar

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Gouttes de Roman-Fleuve 8min.
3 short fictions.
Y. Kropf

421  2min.
3 short fictions.
Y. Kropf – A. Jaccoud – A. Mayenfisch

Demies Vérités  9min.
In the shadow of the flowering maidens
The seasons of flavour – Dying.
A. Jaccoud – F. Melgar – Y. Kropf

Devant-moi  4min.
based on “Têtes” by Henri Michaux, experimental video playback.
Y. Kropf, with Dominique Meyer

Carabine News  3min.
TV pilote  (SSR, Carabine FM): news pastiche.
Y. Kropf – A. Mayenfisch – F. Melgar

Dans l’intimité du regard sur soi 9min.
“the most visible of the invisible cameras”: document based on the images of a video booth installation at the Nuit de la Photo 1987.
Y. Kropf, textes by Walter Benjamin

Le Charivari Magnifique 15min.
an absurd little tale based on a text by W.C. Fields.
A. Mayenfisch – D. Meyer

Le musée imaginaire 
a museum of modern art that has never existed outside people’s minds.

F. Melgar

L’homme-nu 8min.
an old man living naked in a forest and obsessed with cleanliness.
F. Melgar


L’Atelier d’Alberto Giacometti 15min.
video trace of Liliane Hodel’s show: stage adaptation of Jean Genet’s text.
Y. Kropf, coproduction Théâtre A

Le merveilleux jardin de l’Occident 17min.
A 4-parts experiment of the pictorial language of Irène Dacuhna.
F. Melgar

Le Mouchoir 21min.
fiction, based on a novel by Walter Benjamin.
Y. Kropf

Loin du Coeur (Random)  3min.
experimental video: the confrontation of two cultures, the Jorat region of Vaud and New York, existential situation of its author.
Stéphane Goël

Les %   2min.
TV pilot: sketches based on statistical data.
A. Mayenfisch – D. Meyer

Monsieur Piclet  21min.
A series of sketches written and performed by Frédéric Pajak.
A. Mayenfisch


Les chroniques cathodiques 52min.
The electronic image show, 6 reports in the USA.
F. Melgar – S. Goël

Journal d’Alka Seltzer, Les années 80  23 min.
visual collage based on a conversation from “The Man Without Qualities”
by Robert Musil.
Y. Kropf

Le champs aux esprits 10 min.
adaptation of an African tale with puppets.
A. Mayenfisch – Dominique Bianchi


La République de l’Utopie 8 x 2 min.
video postcards: 8 towns with Swiss names in the USA.
S. Goël

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L’importance du temps passé; oublier 2 min.
experimental video: adaptation of a poem by Gustave Roud.
S. Goël

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T’ga Za Yug, Nostalgie du Sud  13 min.
1991, the Kadriovi orchestra takes part in a show in Switzerland. 1992, in Macedonia,
reunion threatened by the political events.
Y. Kropf

La petite cafetière 13 min.
poetic narrative: the confrontation between intimate life and everyday reality.
Y. Kropf


Photo de classe 5 x 5 min.
5 experiments with teenagers from a secondary school class.
Y. Kropf, F. Melgar, A. Mayenfisch, S. Goël, Nadia Fares

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Judas   9 min.
diary: recently settled in New York, the author gives contrasting impressions of his neighborhood.
Y. Kropf


Flibuste   18 min.
video of the musical written and composed by Jean-François Bovard and performed by La Compagnie d’Eustache.
Y. Kropf

Mailbox   13 min.
3-channel video installation
Y. Kropf


Second souffle 25 min.
video-dance. Adaptation of a choreography by Philippe Saire: studies on lightness.
Y. Kropf


Babylone Remix   60 min.
multimedia performance
Y. Kropf

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