Directed by : Céline Pernet et Daniel Wyss

Genre : Documentary series

Duration : 4 X 45′

Year : 2023

Original version : French

Subtitles : –

Jeunesses !

It is said that the urban-rural divide is widening. What do rural villages in French-speaking Switzerland look like today? To better capture the mood in the countryside, we met with those who are the driving force and social cement there: the youth associations. In four episodes, we delve into their world.

How do rural youth position themselves in this changing world? How do the latest social issues resonate with those who don’t live in the city? What do young people in the villages want for their future and that of their region?

By choosing four youth associations in four sufficiently different villages in the Canton of Vaud (Chavornay, Grandvaux, Corcelles-près-Payerne and Les Moulins-Château d’Oex), we were able to capture the various realities and challenges facing today’s rural world. The wide diversity of activities and events that fill a year of these youth associations allowed us to build strong stories punctuated by twists and turns, suspense, and humor, against a backdrop of an almost existential question: who are these people who claim to be from the countryside, and what are their aspirations today?



Directed by : Céline Pernet et Daniel Wyss

Production : Climage, Stéphane Goël

Image : Nicolas Veuthey

Sound : Camille Bonard

Editing : Janine Waeber et Kevin Schlosser

Sound mix : Jérôme Cuendet

Graphic design : Thiago Costa Guimil

Assistant director : Sélima Chibout

Music : Nicolas Rabaeus

Narrator : Ophélie Vouillamoz-Budaï

Additional images : Camille Cottagnoud, Bastien Genoux, Patrick Luisier, Sélima Chibout

Additional sound : Bruce Wuilloud, Julien Matthey, Théodora Menthonnex, Tim Zurbuchen, David Puntener, Carlos Ibañez Diaz, Santi Serra, Léa Célestine Bernasconi, Masaki Hatsui

Production managers : Karine Odorici, Giovanni Piscitelli

Coproduction : RTS, Steven Artels, Bettina Hofmann

Financial support : TPF-FTP Fonds de production télévisuelle, Focal Stage Pool

ISAN 0000-0006-3ACB-F001-R-0000-0000-U © 2023 Climage – RTS

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