Directed by : Grégoire Mayor

Genre : Mockumentary

Duration : 6′

Year : 2004

Original version : Français

Paul Maillard, the tongue-in-cheek factor

Like his father and grandfather before him, Paul Maillard is a local craftsman. For generations, he has been making and tuning these local wooden tongues with a love of the craft, making him one of the last remaining craftsmen in this vanishing trade. This film looks over Paul Maillard’s shoulder as he tenderly shapes a wooden tongue. He talks about the evolution of his profession, and the threat of mass globalization.


Directed by : Grégoire Mayor

With : Fabien Hünenberger, Pierre-André Durussel

Written by : Grégoire Mayor, Fabien Hünenberger

Images and sound : Grégoire Mayor

Editing : Julien Sulser, Grégoire Mayor

Music : Julien Sulser

Production : Climage

© 2004 Climage

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