Directed by : Patrick Muroni

Genre : Interactive VR

Duration: 20′

Year : 2024

Original version : English / French


You open your eyes.
In front of you, the spirit of a young raver materializes, inviting you to dance to techno music. As you start moving, your gestures immerse you, thanks to volumetric capture, into a memory of a rave in Switzerland. You experience this moment as if you were there. But be careful, for the memory to unfold completely, you must not stop dancing. A virtual reality experience.
Selected for the XR coproductions sessions of the Geneva Digital Market at GIFF 2023 Presented at the Sensory Storytelling XR organized by Swissfilms at the 80th Venice Film Festival


Directed by : Patrick Muroni

Artistic director : Mélanie Courtinat

Music and Sound design : Yatoni Roy Cantu

Developer : Arnaud Gomis

Production : Climage, Stéphane Goël

Financial support : Office fédéral de la culture; Cinéforom; SSR

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