Directed by : Jacques Matthey et Éric Michel

Genre : Documentary

Duration : 52′

Year : 2023

Original version : French

Subtitles: Italian

Code Name Lucie – Spies against Nazis

The greatest secret of the Second World War has remained a mystery for the last 80 years: a Jewish Communist, Sandor Rado, led a spy network that proved essential to the victory of Allied Forces.

Rado received details of strictly confidential strategies from the highest echelons of the Nazi State through Rudolf Roessler, a dedicated anti-Nazi he’d only known as code name “Lucy.” Aided by key German industry leaders, Roessler transmitted timely information from high-ranking collaborators within the German army headquarters.

Despite their achievement, Rado, Roessler and their sources remained unacknowledged heroes until today. Thanks to the recent declassification of secret archives, we are now able to step behind the scenes of this incredible story.


Directed by : Éric Michel and Jacques Matthey

Image : Nicolas Veuthey, Frédéric Mainçon, Jérôme Huguenin-Virchaux

Editing : Dejan Savic

Music : Ian Williams – Slaughterback

Sound editing and Sound mix : Jérôme Cuendet

Color grading : Nicolas Veuthey

Graphic design : Fabrice Le Henanff, Margo Robert, Sherif Sherif

Production : Climage, Daniel Wyss / Yade French Connection, Eric Ellena

Coproduction : RTS, RSI, France Televisions, Réseau des télévisions du Grand Est

Financial support : Cinéforom et le soutien de La Loterie Romande, Fonds de production télévisuelle, La Fondation pour la mémoire de La Shoah, Programme Media – Europe Creative, Centre National du Cinéma et de l’image animée (CNC)

© 2023 Climage – Yade French Connection


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