Directed by : Coline Confort

Genre : Documentary

Duration : 20′

Year : 2024

Original version : French, English, Romanian

Subtitles : French, English

Scales fell from their eyes

Lausanne, Switzerland. In a downtown building about to be demolished, the workers and construction noises are everywhere. Julian, barely twenty years old, not only lives here, but is also responsible for the last resident, Stefan, whose apartment is leaking with water. He needs to find a solution so that neither of them will end up on the street. Julian is both the prophet of doom and the representative of a powerless authority who can only make empty promises. They are merely out of childhood and dealing with a situation too big for them.


Directed by : Coline Confort

With : Julian Gypens et Stefan Tanase

Image : Maxime Beaud

Sound : Coline Confort

Editing : Brandon Beytrison

Sound editing and Sound mix : Jérôme Cuendet

Color grading : Julie Le Gonidec

Graphic design : Madame Paris

Production : Climage, Pascaline Sordet

Financial support : Office fédéral de la Culture (OFC), Cinéforom et La Loterie Romande

World sale : Varicoloured

© 2024 Climage

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