Documentary | 80' | 2022 | color | 16/9 | DCP
Original version: Lingala / French

In the spring of 2021, the launch of the 100% Congolese rocket Troposphère 6 will take place 180 km from Kinshasa. It aims to reach an altitude of 200 km. This film follows the incredible adventure of the Congolese space program. A cinematographic immersion in the daily life of the engineer Jean-Patrick Keka and his team for a project that mixes unlimited ambition and very reduced means: home-made fuel, electronics recovered from landfills and fuselage parts in milk powder cans. Keka and his team are inventive field engineers, active in fields as diverse as the manufacture of microscopes for blood tests in the bush, amplification systems for music or the recovery of wrecks in the Congo River. The challenge they have set themselves with Troposphere 6 is full of common sense, in correlation with the means at hand, and animated by a fresh and salutary energy in our somewhat disillusioned world. While the systematic plundering of the Congo’s natural resources continues to cause one of the greatest humanitarian disasters in history, this film is a fable showing another side of Africa, far from Ebola and the guerrillas. And even if we sense their distant and diffuse presence, we can only dream that they will one day succeed in sending the first Congolese man into space, which they have already named Galaxionaut…

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