Directed by : Stéphane Goël

Genre : Documentary

Duration : 90′

Year : 2021

Original version : French, German, Italian

Subtitles : French, German, Italian, English

From the kitchen to the parliament – 2021 Edition

This film takes us on a journey through a century of Swiss history, following in the footsteps of women who fought to get out of their kitchens – and of those who tried everything to keep them there – until they achieved equality of rights, the reality of which sometimes still seems very fragile.

Switzerland was one of the last countries in the world to grant women the right to vote and stand for election. It took over a century of struggle and 80 votes to convince the male Helvetians to give up some of their privileges. Women have also fought endlessly to obtain the right to abortion and maternity leave, a reform of marriage law and a law on equality. And the struggle continues, for equal pay, against harassment and rape culture. From the first suffragette demonstrations in the 1920s to the feminist strike* of 2019, this film – based on exceptionally rich archive material and the testimonies of women activists – sums up the history of women in politics in Switzerland in the 20th and 21st centuries.

With the participation of
Patricia Schulz, Brigitte Studer, Marthe Gosteli, Simone Chapuis-Bischof, Amélia Christinat, Gabrielle Nanchen, Elisabeth Kopp, Ruth Dreifuss, Marina Carobbio Guscetti and Tamara Funiciello.

Audience award for “Best Documentary” at the Pink Apple Festival, Zürich

Journées de SOLEURE / FIFDH Festival du film et forum international sur les droits humains de GENÈVE / #DonneFrauenDunnasFemmesCINEMA Cineteca MILANO / Ciclo Cine Suizo, ASUNCIÓN, Paraguay / Castellinaria Festival de cinema giovane BELLINZONE / Festival de DOUARNENEZ / Festival CINEMANIA Montréal



Directed by : Stéphane Goël

With : Carole Pirker et Daniel Wyss

Image : Nicolas Veuthey, Bastien Genoux

Sound : Daniel Wyss

Editing : Janine Waeber

Sound design and Sound mix : Jérôme Cuendet

Music : Antonio Vivaldi

Color grading : Nicolas Veuthey

Graphic design : Kim Andenmatten

Production : Climage

Coproduction : RTS, Steven Artels, Frédéric Pfyffer, SRF, URS Augstburger, Gabriela Bloch Steinmann, RSI, Silvana Bezzola Rigolini

With the collaboration of :  Cinémathèque Suisse

Financial support : Office Fédéral De La Culture (DFI)
Cinéforom et La Loterie Romande, Succès Passage Antenne, Succès Cinéma

0000-0005-BA24-0000-G-0000-0000-Q © 2021 Climage – RTS


director notes

Stéphane Goël

One man’s view of a women’s story

In 2011, I made a first version of the film FROM THE KITCHEN TO PARLIAMENT. The 40th anniversary of women’s right to vote was being celebrated with almost general indifference. And the notion of equality between men and women seemed to be strangely absent from the concerns of most young people in Switzerland at the time.

Ten years later, everything has changed.

The #metoo movement’s liberation of speech around issues of consent and sexual violence, the persistence of pay inequalities, the resistance of glass ceilings and the lack of parity in the worlds of politics, academia and the media have all led to a realisation that the gains made towards equality are extremely fragile. That’s what made me want to revisit this film and offer a new version with an extra half-hour. Because while the first version focused on the struggle to win the right to suffrage, I think it’s important today to remember that the fight for equality is far from over.

In Switzerland, it has taken an infinite amount of time to complete each reform concerning women’s rights. More than a century for the right to vote, 40 years for the reform of marriage law (1988), 30 years for abortion (2002), 60 years for maternity insurance (2005!). Dozens of popular votes have marked – and continue to mark – this endless road to equality. And each of these votes has given rise to debates and campaigns. We are certainly the only country in the world to have a map of national machismo! Because while the Swiss political system has not made things any easier, it is above all men who have erected countless obstacles to slowing down women’s access to their rights as citizens. So, as a man, I gave myself the right to make this film. Then to make it again 10 years later. To take on the subjectivity of the film, taking a critical and ironic look at the actions of my fellow men. To express my admiration for those who fought for progress for all. And my disgust at those who have always tried and still try to oppose the achievement of equality.

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