Directed by : Fernand Melgar

Genre : Documentary

Duration : 54′

Year : 1993

Original version : French, Spanish

Subtitles : French, German, English

Family album

In the 1950s and 1960s, the Swiss economy boomed like never before. In order to meet the demand for workers, it went looking for almost a million foreign workers in southern Europe, attracting Italians, Portuguese and Spanish in particular. This film tells the story of the emigration of a family whose story is special because it is so similar to that of thousands of other Spanish families that came to Switzerland in the hope of building new lives for themselves.


Directed by : Fernand Melgar

Assistant : Natalie Samuel

Images : Camille Cottagnoud

Sound : Pascal Fleury, Bernard Seidler

Editing : Stéphane Goël

Sound mix : Thierry Peterburger

Grip : Nicolas Meylan, Paul Laufer

Line producer : Alex Mayenfisch

Production : Climage, Fernand Melgar

Coproduction : RTS

Financial support : Office fédéral de la culture (DIP), Fondation vaudoise pour le cinéma, Loterie Romande

© 1993 CLIMAGE – RTS

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