Directed by : Fernand Melgar

Genre : Documentary

Duration : 101′

Year : 2014

Original version : French

Subtitles : English, German, Italian

The shelter

A winter spent in the heart of an emergency shelter for homeless people in Lausanne. At the entrance to this hidden bunker there unfolds every night the same dramatic ritual, leading to occasionally violent confrontations. The watchmen have the difficult task of “sorting the poor”: women and children first, men later if there is room. Even if the shelter can hold 100 people, only 50 “chosen ones” will be allowed inside to receive a hot meal and a bed. The others know that the night will be a long one.


Image and Directed by : Fernand Melgar

Consultants : Claude Muret, Janka Rahm

Sound : Elise Shubs

Editing : Karine Sudan

Editing assistant and postproduction : Rui Pires

Sound mix : Etienne Curchod

Sound editing : Jérôme Cuendet

Sound effects : Philippe Van Leer, Aline Gavroy

Color grading : Patrick Lindemaier

Illustration : Bénédicte Sambo

Graphic design : Janka Rahm

Production : Climage, Fernand Melgar

Executive production : Elise Shubs

Coproduction : RTS, Irène Challand, Gaspard Lamunière

Financial support : Office fédéral de la culture (DFI), Cinéforom et Loterie Romande, Fondation culturelle Suissimage, Succès Cinéma, Succès Passage Antenne

ISAN 0000-0003-A4CF-0000-0-0000-0000-3
© 2014 Climage – RTS – Fernand Melgar


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