Directed by : Fernand Melgar

Genre : Documentary

Duration : 26′

Year : 2005

Original version : French

Subtitles : English

The valley of youth

Choreographer Philippe Saire and his team at the heart of a creation: its improvisations and discoveries, but also its false leads and doubts. How is movement born? How is contemporary dance written?

For this cartographie n°6, the idea is to follow the work of choreographer Philippe Saire and his team from the very beginning: his improvisations and discoveries, but also his false leads and doubts. How is movement created? How are gestures ordered? Why do we abandon one choreographic phrase for another? How is contemporary dance written?

This portrait makes the sometimes hermetic world of contemporary dance accessible to all, captivating and even funny. Philippe Saire knows perfectly well how to express his intentions and comment on his choices when he’s at work. His creations are above all a work of exchange with his dancers. He often uses improvisation on a given direction as an idea laboratory for his scenic writing.

Dance is outside the walls. It must interact with complex architecture, adapt to a new topology, define a scenic space. It is subject to the constraints of the weather, the discomfort of the cold and the hardness of the concrete floor. How do the dancers cope with this work that bruises their bodies? How does the choreographer compose, in a very short creative time and with all these constraints? Can we speak of a work of art or simply a choreographic sketch?



Directed by : Fernand Melgar

Images : Camille Cottagnoud, Steff Bossert

Sound : Blaise Gabioud

Editing : Karine Sudan

Sound : Philippe Jacquet

Sound mix : Denis Séchaud

Costumes : Isa Boucharlat, Christine Emery

Makeup : Nathalie Monod

Graphic design : Janka Rahm

Photographs : Mario del Curto

Choreography : Philippe Saire

Production : Climage, Fernand Melgar

Coproduction : Cie Philippe Saire | RTS, Flavia Matea

Financial support : Fondation vaudoise pour le cinéma, Fonds Régio Films, Service de la culture de la Ville de Lausanne, Marie-Claude Jéquier

© 2005 Climage

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