Climage, an association of independent filmmakers and directors, aims to produce and broadcast independent films in French-speaking Switzerland and abroad under one name.

Providing the different filmmakers with an opportunity to come together, work together and share ideas, Climage has enabled numerous films to be produced, in particular documentaries on the history of and social life in Switzerland. Overall, the films have been well received by critics and some have won Swiss and international prizes. They are shown in cinemas but also in schools, Swiss and international film festivals and on Swiss and foreign television channels.

As a non-profit association Climage has an open, transparent structure and makes its production resources available to established filmmakers and film students alike. It remains above all a forum for experimenting and teaching young filmmakers, who have access to professional equipment to help them make names for themselves.

Managed by a committee of five active members, the association has a unique infrastructure as regards both administration and the filming and editing of films. It has no full-time salaried employees. Each project is managed entirely by the creator(s) in terms of both financing and organisation.

The general management and administration is carried out by the committee members on a voluntary basis. Any profits are automatically reinvested in the purchase of new equipment or in new projects. This principle of independent management of individual projects is vital to ensuring the association’s financial and cultural autonomy.

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