Forced Landing, 2015, 55', The dark story of American airmen imprisoned in Switzerland during World War II.

The Boat is not Full, 2014, 56', The history of the Chilean refugees in Switzerland. From solidarity to civil disobedience.

The Most Difficult Train in the World, 2007, 50', The railroad between Quito and Guayaquil, in Ecuador used to be the nation's backbone. Today the train is agonizing and many Ecuadorians have left the country.


Delamuraz (Documentary, 2017, 72 min) (link to films’ page)

Aude Gilliéron & Fred Brodard, Bad Idea (Videoclip, 2016, 3 min) (watch on YouTube)

Gallavin & Mané, I refuse to choose (Videoclip, 2016, 4 min) (watch on YouTube)

Gallavin, Avec le temps (Videoclip, 2014, 4 min) (watch on YouTube)

Gallavin & Catherine d’Oex, La chanson des vieux amants (Videoclip, 2014, 4 min) (watch on YouTube)

Portaits et Paysages de l’Ouest (Experimental, 2012, 17 min) (trailer on YouTube)

Rachel Kolly d’Alba, Summertime (Videoclip, 2012, 3 min) (watch on YouTube)

Gallavin, Like Someone in Love (Videoclip, 2012, 2 min) (watch on YouTube)

Gallavin, My Baby Just Cares for Me (Videoclip, 2012, 2 min) (watch on YouTube)

Gallavin, Mad about the Boy (Videoclip, 2011, 3 min) (watch on YouTube)

Rachel Kolly d’Alba, Sonata N°2, Jacques Ysayë (Videoclip, 2009, 3 min) (voir watch on youTube)

Rachel Kolly d’Alba, Sonata N°3, Jacques Ysayë (Videoclip, 2009, 6 min) (voir watch on YouTube)

Entre rêve et réalité (l’accompagnement à domicile) (Reportage, 2008, 26 min)

Chamanes del Ecuador (Reportage, 2004, 18 min)

Soy pobre y vivo lejos (Documentary, 2003, 29 min)

Max M. (Short fiction, 2000, 9 min)

Who’s the fool ? (Videoclip, 1999, 6 min) (watch on YouTube)

Léa (Short fiction, 1998, 11 min)

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