Fierce: a porn revolution

Patrick Muroni
(2022) 96'
In Lausanne, a group of twenty-something women and queer persons start directing ethical and dissident pornographic films,

The Galaxionauts

Christian Denisart
(2022) 80'
In the Democratic Republic of Congo, an engineer and his team are preparing to launch a rocket into space. On board is a guinea pig and a satellite.

Man Caves

Céline Pernet
(2022) 90'
The tender and offbeat look of a young woman in her thirties on the men of her generation.

State of necessity

Stéphane Goël
(2022) 70'
A film that goes behind the scenes of two court cases involving activists in the fight against climate change.

From the kitchen to the parliament 2021 Edition

Stéphane Goël
(2021) 90'
A journey through a century of Swiss history, tracing the footsteps of those who fought to get out of their kitchens – and of those who tried everything to send them back in – until they obtained equality of rights, the reality of which sometimes still seems very fragile.


Coline Confort
(2020) 22 minutes
Eva, 21, dreams of joining the soldiers of the Imperial Guard, a Napoleonic regiment reserved for men.


Daniel Wyss
(2019) 75' and 52'
"Ambassade" tells the story of the special role played by Swiss diplomacy during the American hostage crisis in Tehran between 1979 and 1981.


Stéphanie Chuat et Véronique Reymond
(2018) 80'
“Ladies“ reveals the intimate lives of five women in their sixties who are waging a discreet daily battle against loneliness.


Stéphane Goël
(2018) 92'
In 1877 a Swiss aristocrat became the king of the island of Robinson Crusoe in the Pacific Ocean. Nowadays his descendants dream to become an autonomous territory.

May 68 – the premises

Alex Mayenfisch
(2018) 52'
The premises of May 68 in Switzerland

Forced Landing

Daniel Wyss
(2015) 55'
The dark story of American airmen imprisoned in Switzerland during World War II.

About heaven

Stéphane Goël
(2015) 85'
What is left of Heaven, which once promised eternal happiness?

The Boat is not Full

Daniel Wyss
(2014) 56'
The history of the Chilean refugees in Switzerland. From solidarity to civil disobedience.

The shelter

Fernand Melgar
(2014) 101
A winter spent in the heart of an emergency shelter where every night watchmen have the difficult task of “sorting the poor” due to lack of space.

7000 stones, one border

Alex Mayenfisch
(2013) 52'
In Switzerland, land-locked country, the border is omnipresent.

The world is like that

Fernand Melgar
(2013) 52'
The destiny of five of the protagonists in the film "Special Flight" after being deported from Switzerland

From the Kitchen to the Parliament

Stéphane Goël
(2012) 66'
A short history of Swiss women in politics during the 20th century.

Special flight

Fernand Melgar
(2011) 100'
A 9 months immersion in the administrative detention centre of Geneva, one of the 28 deportation centres for the paperless in Switzerland.

Labour Court

Stéphane Goël
(2010) 85' and 52'
An immersion into the heart of a judicial court that handles disputes between employers and employees.

The Twilight of the Celts

Stéphane Goël
(2008) 53'
The discovery of a huge sanctuary in Switzerland allows the archeologists to start an investigation about the religion of the Celts.

The Fortress

Fernand Melgar
(2008) 100'
For the first time a camera enters inside a Center for asylum seekers in Switzerland.

A 30 Years Wait

Alex Mayenfisch
(2008) 50'
The long debate on the right to abortion in Switzerland. A political and social drama told with the archives of the Swiss Public Television.

The Most Difficult Train in the World

Daniel Wyss
(2007) 50'
The railroad between Quito and Guayaquil, in Ecuador used to be the nation's backbone. Today the train is agonizing and many Ecuadorians have left the country.

Opposite worlds

Camille Cottagnoud
(2007) 55'
A theatre company launches into a strange adventure: giving a performance in the middle of the Mongolian steppe, bringing two different cultures face to face.

Qué viva Mauricio Demierre

Stéphane Goël
(2006) 70'
The Swiss cooperant Maurice Demierre was killed in Nicaragua in 1986, during the sandinista revolution.

The Factory

Alex Mayenfisch
(2005) 48'
It once employed 1,200 people, 85% of whom were immigrant women. The all powerful owner made sure that things were kept behind closed doors, and the pitiful work conditions earned him a bad reputation.

Pya Hug

Alex Mayenfisch
(2005) 24'
The universe of the artist Pya Hug through the eyes of the photographer Mario del Curto

In the Land of the Black Pharaohs

Stéphane Goël
(2005) 52'
Charles Bonnet is one of Europe’s leading archeologists. Geneva-born Bonnet, originally a wine grower, has been combing through the sands of northern Sudan for 40 years.

EXIT – the right to die

Fernand Melgar
(2005) 75' and 54'
Switzerland is the only country where associations quite legally provide suicide assistance to people at the end of their lives.

La vallée de la jeunesse

Fernand Melgar
(2005) 26'
On the work of the choreographer Philippe Saire. Coproduction: TSR - Cie Philippe Saire.

The Poison

Stéphane Goël
(2003) 54'
A mysterious crime committed in a small community in 1949 has plagued an entire country for decades.

Seasonal workers

Alex Mayenfisch
(2003) 53'
Since after World War II, Switzerland has largely depended on immigrant workers from southern Europe.

Storm in a C-Cup

Fernand Melgar
(2002) 52'
Pascal is 35 years old and has chosen to dress as a woman, in public! A demolition worker by day, he dreams of doing cabaret and rehearses his future drag show in the evenings under his wife's direction.

Chronicle of a good intention

Alex Mayenfisch
(1999) 51'
Ecology, a way out of unemployment? In Switzerland, at the peak of unemployment, 11 jobless people count on professional reorientation. They start a six-month training course...

Induction Class

Fernand Melgar
(1998) 55'
The integration of recently immigrated children.

Lost Countryside

Stéphane Goël
(1997) 54'
The chronicle of the construction of a community cow-shed in a small Swiss village.

This boy’s name was Apache

Stéphane Goël
(1995) 53'
In Arizona, an Indian community resists an attempt to build an astronomy observatory on their holy mountain.

When my time is up

(1995) 55'
Death as seen by teenagers.

Half the glory

Alex Mayenfisch
(1995) 45'
At the beginning of the 50s, Mount Everest was in the limelight: the conquest of the Earth's mythical third pole had become a top priority...

West of the Pecos

Stéphane Goël
(1993) 72'
The chronicle of an attempt at establishing a Swiss colony in New Mexico at the end of the 19th century.

Family Album

Fernand Melgar
(1993) 54'
This film tells the story of the emigration of a Spanish family that came to Switzerland in the hope of building new lives for themselves.

Leisure time

Alex Mayenfisch
(1992) 52'
Switzerland is renowned for its work ethic, which has become a national character trait...

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