Documentary | 96' | 2022 | color | 16/9 | DCP
Original version: French
Subtitles: English

In Lausanne, a group of twenty-something women and queer persons start directing ethical and dissident pornographic films: the OIL Productions collective is born. Committed to an artistic and political approach, they create adult films aiming to positively represent sexualities and bodies in all their diversity. Ardente·x·s follows the adventure of the collective, behind the scenes of the productions, presentations to the media and events as well as more intimate moments in which they invite us to discover their everyday lives. With this bold first feature-length film, Patrick Muroni – a Swiss filmmaker trained at ECAL – tells the story of their fight for another vision of desire and sexuality. His camera follows the adventure of these new pornographers who joyfully and irreverently travel the streets of Switzerland to loudly and clearly claim other ways of conveying pleasure. The emergence of gender-neutral sexual liberation is on the way.

World premiere at the Visions du Réel Festival 2022
Atlàntida Film Fest 2022; Festival de Douarnenez

Theatrical release in Switzerland: November 2022

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