Documentary | 24' | 2005 | color | 4/3 | Betacam SP
Original version: German, french
Subtitles: French, german

Pya Hug, the wife of a Swiss business man, made the choice 40 years ago to leave her confortable life to become an artist. Apart from fashion and tendencies, she developped an original form of expression which finds its roots in her childhood. She produced thousands of pieces, paintings and three dimensions wax models, creating an intricate and unique world of her own. This film is a travel in her universe through the eyes of the photographer Mario del Curto.

Directed by Mario del Curto & Alex Mayenfisch Photography Mario del Curto Editing Alex Mayenfisch Music Gérald Perera Sound mix Denis Séchaud Production Climage Financial support Fondation vaudoise pour le cinéma – Regio Films – Amt für Kultur Kanton St-Gallen – Kulturförderung Kanton Graubünden – Politische Gemeinde Domat/Ems – Bürgergemeinde Domat/Ems – Ville de Lausanne – Canton de Vaud

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