«A fair and tender film about a family father who loves to be in drag.»


«Fernand Melgar followed a year in the life of a couple who fights against the prejudice of others. A moving and strong film, a lesson in tolerance.»

Arte magazine

«A poignant film, that resembles the life of it’s characters. The merit of the filmmaker is to document with extreme accuracy and an intelligent camera modesty, facing the psychological disaster that was Pascal’s youth.»

Domaine public

«A remarkable film because he never sets the viewer as voyeur. An atypical life that Fernand Melgar captures unobtrusively, in all it’s anecdotical and life changing episodes. Even in the most intimate moments the camera is only an observer. So it’s up to the viewer to form his opinion. Storm in a C-Cup denounces nothing and even makes no propaganda. It’s a true and magnificent document.»

La Liberté

«From Pamela’s birth, the youngest of four children, up to her first anniversary, it’s a year in the life of an atypical couple that the director Fernand Melgar makes us discover without voyerism, with tenderness and emotion.»


Press kit – Fr/Deu/Eng (PDF)

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